4 Basic Rules on Creating Signboard For Your Store

In the age of social media and Internet, a lot of retailers are focusing on making their store look hip and chic online. However, they tend to forget the condition of their brick-and-mortar store. Your store is still your best bet to get customers, especially the ones who are not on your social network. These are potential customers that are passing by, waiting to be convinced to enter your store.

Do not let these potential sales fall of the grid. Boost your on-site sales by making sure that you have an attractive signage that win over people. Follow these tips on creating an awesome store signage:

  1. Thou shall use compelling and complementing colors:


Colors play a major part on any design as it conveys your store identity and trademark. When selecting colors for your signage, play around your brand colors. Do not use colors that are far from your brand identity as it may confuse your target audience and your trademark will be lost in the process. Signboard companies in Dubai always advise their clients to limit the use of colors. If you feel the need to add some, be sure it complements well your primary colors. Also take not of the contrast.


  1. Thou shall use the right type and font face


Your store signage will be used to relay message to your potential audience so use an easy-to-read font for your signage. San serif fonts are ideal for this kind of design since there crisp and easy on the eyes. If you are going to use a serif or cursive font, be sure that they are readable. And do not use fonts that are far or not-related to your brand identity.


  1. Thou shall use hi-res graphics for your signboard


Using low resolution photos and graphics is a cardinal sin in the design world. Do not commit this sin by investing on high resolutions images. Low-res files pixelate or will looked stretched on a bigger canvass. Before the designing phase begin, get all the high-resolution graphics that you might be needing for your signage. Same with your company and store logo.


  1. Thou shall not clutter the design


A lot of clients want to put everything in a small canvass. However, the cliché “Keep it simple” is still applicable on this scenario. Putting to many elements will make it hard for your potential customers to read. Be straightforward on your signage copies and graphics.

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