What A Landscape Architect Can Do For Your Property

A lot of people are confused as to what a landscape architect do. Sometimes they are being mixed up with a landscape designer. Although there are some aspects of the job that is quite similar (which is designing beautiful landscapes) the difference lies on the being on the scale of work. Landscape architects works not only to beautify a landscape but also focus on area development.

If you are still hesitating whether to hire one of your home, then these reasons might be able to convince you:

  1. Add curb appeal to your home

Like a landscape designer, a landscape architect can also a beautiful landscape design to your property, but within the regulation rules. There are some cities and areas that implement strict rules when it comes to landscape designs and looks like the proper placement of the elements inside the exterior or the plants that should be used. Landscape architects Dubai experts knows every rule in the book when it comes to landscaping that would include the rules set by each area and location. The can make you an outstanding landscape design without breaking the rules.


  1. Assess your property

There might be limitations but a skilled landscape architect can create a workaround for the landscape design in terms of the materials, texture, and colors.  In addition, they can also make assessment on your landscape and list down crucial landscape issues that you need to resolve immediately like steep slopes issues.


  1. Plot out the your landscape system

Aside from landscape facelift, a landscape architect can plan out the landscape system to prevent any exterior problems in the future. These landscape system would include the piping and drainage under on the lawn, the drip irrigation system, etc.  The landscape architect will plan on the proper placement of these systems and also ensure that they are running smoothly. By having a well-running system, you can be sure that your landscape is not only beautifully-designed but also the landscape system will be able to support the needs of the property.


  1. Avoid driveway flooding

One of the reasons why driveways and landscape are often ruined is due to flooding cause by elevation problems or bad landscape planning. A skilled landscape architect can resolve that by solving elevation problems and prevent soil erosion that can contribute to driveway flooding.


  1. Give advance on other exterior issues

Although it is not their specialization, a landscape architect can give you a wise advice on where to place your parking areas, garages, and entries. Of course, these advises would need verification from residential builders and commercial interior design Dubai companies.