Things You Didn’t Know About Registering Free Zone Company

Many entrepreneurs have little knowledge about how to set up a business in free zone. If you are among those, and looking forward to establish a free zone company, you must know a few things beforehand. Firstly, understand that the process of Fujairah free zone company registration is not as difficult as some might think. You are required to follow a few steps before proceeding with your free zone company. Once you are done with the basic steps, it is time to move along with the process of company development and registration. Here are some unheard of things that you didn’t know you might need to start a free zone company:

Getting Started

As discussed above, you cannot make a free zone company without following its basic rules. The first rule is to determine the type of company you intend to build. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t give enough importance to the basic steps of setting up a free zone company.  Instead, they look to take the shortcut and establish the company without doing proper homework. As a result, some free zone companies last for a short while until they perish. Keep in mind that these important steps are the building blocks of your company. Paying attention to these will let you do the homework before initiating the company.

First, you will be required to determine what type of legal entity you want to develop. At its core, the authority is asking you to determine if you want to go for an LLC type, proprietary or partnership business. Once you are done, the next step will require you to choose a name for your company. Keep in mind that the type of business you choose will depict in the name of your company like AB corporation or XY LLC etc. As such, the next step will require you to acquire a license for the type of business you’ve decided to start. Without license, you will not be able to start your business in the free zone. After handling the licensing issues, it is time to choose a desired space in the free zone area. Depending upon the type of business, you have the freedom to choose the desired space. Make sure you secure enough space to accommodate necessary equipment for your office.

The same free zone rules, with some minor alterations will apply for an offshore company registration in Dubai.