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Prada – a brand known not just for the luxury it offers its customers, but for its rich history too. It can easily be considered one of the most stylish fashion houses all through the world. The air given out by this amazing brand is one of sophistication, excellent taste and high class. What’s most interesting about this brand of extreme glamour is that it upholds a mark of refinement in all of its designs and captivates the world of fashion with its ubiquitously bold collection. With quality as its motto, Prada prides on having style set as its mantra particularly in terms of its exquisite eyewear collections.


Prada has an extremely diverse collection of sunglasses, which ranges from classic to vintage to modern to contemporary; these outstanding sunglasses have a completely distinct sense of style to them. What makes these glasses even more attractive is that they can be worn no matter what the occasion is. The same holds true for its clothing as the range extends to various sizes including plus size womens jeans.



Since the time that Mario Prada founded the brand in Milan, Italy in the year 1913, the brand has continued to prove its fortitude even now when an entire century has passed by. It was initially set up as a cozy shop which basically focused on leather goods and banked on importing steamer handbags and trunks. But now, the brand has managed to step things up a whole notch and form a whole new fashion empire, thanks to Miuccia Prada, who expanded it in 1978. To meet the demands of this ever-changing world, the entire line of luggage style was revamped!

Now, in the 21st century, Prada has managed to stick to its humble leather roots while expanding into a completely different line of highly recognized fashion brands. It now offers fashion lines pertaining to clothing, luxury bags, eyewear, purses, wallets, belts and accessories.
This is one brand that every single fashion conscious individual favors. The reason is simple; they represent good taste, true elegance and exquisite sophistication even in their plus size clothing in Dubai! All the top stars are commonly seen wearing glamorous glasses of this brand without looking far too over the top! The Butterfly shades that were worn by Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie back in the days still continue to be on top of the fashion list. Then we have the Baroque Round Graphic Sunglasses which have been sighted on Miley Cyrus, Brenda Song and even Kat Von D.


Prada is known for sophistication and elegance. Celebrities that wear these amazing sunglasses go on to show just how diverse the range offered by this brand is and how it caters to the fashion needs of one and all!