International Versus Local Primary Schools

Dubai is often called the business capital of the Middle East, but trade is not the only thing it is known for. Education and schooling is another salient feature of this beautiful state. You’ll find communities from different parts of the world residing here in great harmony. With so many communities and ethnicities living together, Dubai has become one of the most diversely populated urban centers in the world.

This diversity has greatly benefited the education and schooling system of Dubai. You will find plenty of schools operating under their respective systems, both local and international in the region. Primary schools in Dubai provide quality education to your child and help turn him/ her into a respectable citizen. Here is more on which primary school will suit your child better:

International Schools

There is no denying that international primary schools maintain very high standards. Popularly known as Emirate Home, these schools offer excellent quality of education. Most expats opt for these for their children’s education. Keep in mind that each international school has its own schooling system. Therefore, before getting your child to admit in one, you must consider all aspects of the school. Commonly, most international schools offer a curriculum that will lead your child to O level general certificate. From then onwards, your child will complete A level and will continue higher education. One can say that international schools have helped raise the bar of education standards in Dubai. It is for this reason that local schools stepped up their performance and primary education standards.

Local Schools

Since international primary schools had set a world class standard, it was imperative for local schools to keep up in all terms. Local schools had to improve their curriculum, introduce a new fee structure to attract more expats as well as locals, and other facilities. Apart from these, local primary schools, in strive to meet the high standards of basic education, had to reform extracurricular activities.

These days, Dubai primary schools are becoming increasingly competitive against their international counterparts. As such, local schools are consistently churning out great results. The pattern of education in Dubai is on par with what was defined in the United Nations basic education program for enhancing human development index.

The bottom line is, whether you admit your child in a local school or an international, he will get excellent education in either case. Read more about primary education in Dubai.