There is no shortcut to healthy weight regime

Diet plans usually are made in accordance with weight loss needs of each individual’s mind and capability. But in real, diet plans always promote healthy weight and maintenance of quality health standards. Diet Plans are classified according to region, goals, health restrictions, and body types. Diet plans in Dubai and other globalized economies are much advanced and give nearly 100 percent results if followed accurately.


Our habits affect our lifestyle and consuming food and beverages play a key role in maintain lifestyles. Some people are crazy in their aim to look slim and skinny while others want muscular body and some others even don’t care about it, they just love food and even don’t bother what is good or bad for them. Healthy living is idealized with some key factors.


  • How many hours we sleep,
  • How much workout we perform,
  • What and how much food we consume, within 24 hours a day.


According to health care professionals, our BMI decides about our goal to gain, lose or maintain our current weight. Our healthy weight should be in between of 18.5-25 BMI which is calculated on the basis of our height and weight.


Body mass index (BMI) = weight(kg) ÷ height(m)2


There are several ways to maintain, lose or gain weight. Some people have good metabolism rate so they don’t gain weight even eating junk food or foods that we think are not healthy. But some people face difficulties to gain or lose weight according to their desire or healthy BMI levels.


Following are mostly habited diet plans people follow to achieve their goals;


  1. Vegetarian or semi vegetarian diet plan
  2. Weight control low calories diet plan
  3. Weight Control Low Fat diet plan
  4. Weight Control Low Carbohydrates diet plan
  5. Crash diet plan
  6. Detox diet plan
  7. Control or Believe base diet plan
  8. Diet plan for medical reason, etc.


All these diets are followed for certain time period and reviewed time to time with health care professional or dietitian to adjust them accordingly.


There are also some types of supplements, teas, and slimming products are also available in the market but there use needs expert’s verification and certification. Some weight loss products in UAE and other parts of the world claim realistic results but other mislead or damage your body parts. So it is advisable to maintain healthy eating habits and stay in touch with professional dietitians if you really want to stay in a good shape. Even if you fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the diet foods can always come to save the day for you.