4 Things to See in Dubai

Isn’t it amazing? Your trip to Dubai! The city of luxury, breathtaking skyscrapers and incredible beaches. Your trip is going to be fantastic but making it a little more organized will make it even better. Some people choose their traveling destination based on certain things that they want to see there. But maybe you don’t belong to that type and just want to have a great time in Dubai. In any event, after you’re done with packing, spend some time on searching things you should see in Dubai. Oh look, you already did and came across this article. Good job! And since you are here, let’s jump into top 4 things that are must-see in Dubai.


Miracle Garden

If you love plants and flowers then the Miracle Garden in Dubai will become heaven on Earth for you. The garden has over 109 million flowers: the place is full of colors and an incredible smell. The garden operated from October to April and stays closed the rest of the year because the temperature is too high. The park also has a butterfly garden, called Dubai Butterfly Garden. The latter is the world’s largest butterfly garden and has over 15,000 butterflies from 26 species.

Atlantis Hotel

Dubai does not lack hotels, one bigger, fancier, more expensive and luxurious than the other. It is hard to compare the hotels because there are too many and all equally stunning. Yet, there is one hotel that stands out in Dubai – Atlantis the Palm. Not only is it a huge hotel but also an aquatic wonderland. 17 hectares out of 46 is for the water park. Surrounded by beaches from the front and back, Atlantis proudly holds the title of a dazzling hotel.

Dubai Gold Souk

Gold, gold, gold, a lot of gold in Dubai, this noble metal is a symbol of wealth and it’s only logical that this city would have a souk, which is the Arabic word for market or bazaar. Imagine, looking around and seeing nothing but gold. You don’t have to imagine just vivt the souk.

Dubai Creek

Dubai is a city of new – new buildings, islands, hotels, bridges and so on. It is nice to see something relatively older in the city of new. Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek that extends to the Persian Gulf. Before the development of the city, the creek divided it into 2 parts. Now, it is an attraction for tourists, which is definitely worth visiting.