The Best Second Passport for Dubai Nationals

People who are living in Dubai are considered to hold a very good passport. However, there are many other passports in the world which they may wish to acquire and make their travel easier. One of the best passports which Dubai nationals try to acquire is the one from St Kitts and Nevis. The island nation in the Caribbean has offered citizenship for investors ever since the passport for investing programme was first created in 1984. This makes it the longest-running citizenship for investment programmes in the entire world.

How to Obtain the Passport

St Kitts citizenship by Investment is relatively easy to get. There are two ways that the person requesting the citizenship may invest the money. You can wire the money from Dubai, or from any other international bank to the account of the  St Kitts and Nevis Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation. This is done after the required documentation has been completed. The amount of money required is only two hundred and fifty thousand USD. As most residents of the Island nation have invested heavily in sugar in recent years, this is a charity that has been set up to diversify the industry using the investment of foreign investors.

Alternative Investment

The second method that Dubai nationals can use to gain a citizenship is to wire the money directly to any broker who will be able to invest the money directly in the economy of the country. However, a direct investment will require the person to invest four hundred thousand USD in the country. The upside of this is that this is not a non-refundable donation, rather it is an investment that will likely make itself back in the coming years. Many Dubai nationals who are investing in the nation prefer to use consultancy firms for their investments. So if you are looking for one, the best way forward is to make sure that they have a good profile online and they have a solid reputation among their peers.

Use a Company to Handle Documents

As far as the documentation required for the request is concerned, there are various companies that will be able to handle the documentation on your behalf. There are a number of immigration companies in Dubai that are considered to be top notch in their area. You can just give them your documents and they will be able to make the process smooth and simple for you. However, just as with other firms, the immigration company should also be consulted after due diligence in scrutinizing their repute.